Sunday, July 15, 2012

Compare and Contrast:

Untied TEA Powered Republicans and Tired Dems needing to Move On

This week saw the Presidential campaign’s focus on Virginia and Northern Virginia in particular. On Friday the 13th Dems and Move On showed their power in Arlington, protesting Team R’s victory office. On Saturday July 14th, united Republican and TEA party team showed up in Centreville. What follows is a little back story and a compare and contrast in pictures – have fun.
13 July: In preparation for President Obama’s campaign stops, Democrats and Move On protesters sought to impress Team Romney with their ability to field a grass roots organization.  Photos show the power\sarc of 1 dozen protesters in Arlington, politically a democratic stronghold.  ‘Approximately 12’ whole protesters showed up. See the Democratic Underground: Apparently Democrats don’t like Republicans doing what Dems do to keep their money away from the IRS.

14 July: The Northern Virginia Tea Party hosted Loudoun Republican Supervisor, Suzanne Volpe this week to talk about using grass roots organizing to break the spirit of the Democratic campaign and fire up our voters to come out and stop Obama.  President Obama’s Centerville visit gave Republicans and The TEA Party a chance to put those lessons to work immediately as one united team. And it’s this Team that will defeat Obama and Kaine and return Frank Wolf to the House in 2012.
Dem-Move On Signage
Republican and TEA Signage

As President Obama pulled into Centreville HS he was greeted by our united Republican team. And this team is backed by true grass roots patriots who have the self-reliance to make their own signs!! Instatpundit blog commenters who attended noted that President Obama opted to not use the larger George Mason University auditorium and did not fill the Centreville high gym.  Many Virginians chose not to attend forcing Team O to get auxiliary supporter from Maryland according to commenters – See the Other McCain Blog ( and Marooned in Marin

Compare and Contrast the respective protests in pictures; obviously Dems on the LEFT and Republicans on the RIGHT!!  J  ;)

Dems willing to be seen with President Obama…
…Republicans supporting Candidate Romney
Where’s Representative Gerry Connolly? Fairfax County Supervisors? State Senator, Future statewide candidate Mark Herring?
Barbara Comstock, Pat Herrity and Tim Hugo talk to a reporter
Their Ladies…
…Our Ladies – Motherhood is Good
Don’t they look happy?
Mother & Daughter Patriots
Their Supporters…
…Our Supporters
Always look for the Union Label
Looks like middle America likes Team R
Their Men…
…Our Men –Fatherhood is Good

Don’t they look happy? Must be the company they keep.
 Fathers, Sons, Patriots
And Last, Which side needed to be escorted out by police?
Arlington Police helping Dems learn civility, 13 July
No Police needed in Centreville
All pics from the internet blogs cited!

Monday, September 26, 2011

If You Pay Federal Taxes, Going Green Cost You at Least…

The amount and dollar value of money used by the Washington Elite causes eyes to glaze over.  That is by design to numb you to the impact of the theft and assault on your liberties. Green programs siphon money from the US Treasury (You) and send it to Barak Obama’s supporters (Crony Capitalists).

Here’s a rundown and a calculation detailing exactly the cost of the siphoning to you personally:

Returns who paid No tax
Net Tax Payers
Obama Administration Beneficiary Or Program
Total Cost To The  US Treasury
(Tax Payer)
Cost To The Individual Taxpayer
Wind Power Tax Credit to Missouri's Carnahan Family  (the Kennedy's of Missouri)
What the Obama Administration Cost you to-date with Green Failures

Meanwhile, in Virginia the Obama Administration is working to shut down coal production.  Through the U.S. Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement (OSM), President Obama and his Apparatchik, Joseph Pizarchik, Director, Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement they seek to further hamper America’s ability to provide clean, reliable electricity. For example, coal-fired power plants produce over 40% of Virginia’s electricity. Virginia’s average retail price of electricity is 6.86 cents per kilowatt hour, the 12th lowest rate in the nation. Virginia produces 30 to 40 million tons produced each year making coal a key contributor to Virginia’s economy.

In addition to Coal, Virginia has one of the world’s largest Uranium deposits currently untapped because of excessive environmental regulation.  Thanks to President Obama’s ‘permitatorium’ on off shore drilling; Virginia cannot tap our off-shore oil reserves making America dependent on foreign Oil reserves predominantly managed by regimes hostile to America.  

To summarize, proven sources of energy are locked behind a bureaucratic and regulatory wall that appears to be growing.  At the same time, money we don’t have is siphoned off to fund Greed efforts that produce no energy and Obama election funding crony capitalists.

What can you do? Tell your state representatives to support energy production for coal, oil, and uranium.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Solyndra, Entrepreneurs, and Us

By now you heard of Solyndra; and if you haven’t here’s the rundown from Wikipedia dated 24 Sept, “In May 2010, the company was personally promoted by President Obama in his visit as a model for government investment in green technology …a $535 million loan guarantee was applied for under the Bush administration but the loan was denied. The $535 million loan guarantee was later granted by the Obama administration. Private investors also invested more than $1 billion into the company. The company's investors and executives had made substantial donations to Obama's campaign, and the company had also spent a large sum of money on lobbying.” – emphasis mine.

To put the $535M guarantee into perspective, the median American mortgage in 2011 is about $1300.  If you look at 1 yr’s mortgage payments, that’s $15,600 paid by the average family to live in their homes/yr. If you take that and divide that into the amount loaned by the US Government at extremely low interest rates to Solyndra and you’ll find that the Solyndra loan guarantee could house 34,294 families for one year. Would you like to live 1 year without paying a mortgage?  Couldn’t you lay in a nice college fund or start a significant retirement account? How about pay off all your credit cards or car loans? How about exercising your inner entrepreneur?

Because of the way the Whitehouse engineered the loan guarantee, the US Government is not the first creditor. The first creditor to recover any money from this mess will be billionaire George Kaiser, a campaign financing bundler for President Obama. It would seem that not all millionaires and billionaires need to pay their fair share.  Not only do they not need to PAY; they are to be PAID. Why?

Was George Kaiser an entrepreneur? In America, it is the entrepreneur who is to be rewarded. It’s enshrined in the preamble to our Constitution, “…and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…” Each of our founding fathers was an entrepreneur.  Each had a vested stake in designing a government allowing them and their fellow citizens to flourish, develop wealth, and pass that wealth on to their children. It is the entrepreneur who makes our modern life possible.

So what of Mr. Kaiser, does he deserve largess from the public for his entrepreneurial skill? Actually no, his father and uncle were the entrepreneurs who started Kaiser-Francis Oil Company in Oklahoma. It was they who risked, built, and then passed on the family business, a multibillion dollar oil company – an EVIL Oil company. Oh-My!! That would mean Mr. Kaiser is an evil oil executive!! Yet he paid his indulgence to Teh One; and being absolved became eligible for low risk, low interest loans backed by you and I through our representatives in the Democrat controlled Congress of 2009. Your Federal Government at work.

There are words for this and one brave soul in America called it for what it is and it’s practiced by both the Republican and Democrat elites in Washington – Crony Capitalism. Federal, politically motivated manipulation is why real entrepreneurs work at a severe disadvantage to the crony capitalist. Despite these dis-advantages, entrepreneurs still attempt to succeed. And with each success, they employ the rest of us. Without those courageous entrepreneurs, America would be no better than any European feudal society – or worse. Each of us can look around our homes and look at our paycheck’s and thank an entrepreneur.

Each of us needs to re-think what we demand of our government. Government sponsored jobs programs prove themselves failures.  Government Banking fails. Nuts, the government can’t even deliver mail as well as entrepreneurially founded FedEx despite over 200 years of practice.

We the people must elect representatives who will FIRE, RETIRE, and allow to EXPIRE, the entrepreneur killing programs, regulations, and taxes the elites of Washington use to deprive us of our wealth and liberty. Without the “…blessings of Liberty…” there is none. Our founders obliterated the old feudalism; we must obliterate the new feudalism. November 6th 2012 cannot come soon enough.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What Happened to the Tea Party? - It Transformed

We protested. We changed two governors, first in Virginia and then in New Jersey. We added a Senator to vote against Obamacare, and maintain a filibuster. We gathered on the mall, at the Capital, to plead and beg the People’s House to stop Obamacare; they passed Obamacare. We changed control of the People’s House. Throughout the country we changed state houses, state senates, and governors. In Wisconsin, Ohio, and South Carolina we see fiscally responsible, conservative governance in action.

Tea Party 1.0 drove these changes; Tea Party 1.0 shifted the political dialogue within two years. In 2011 we launch Tea Party 2.0. Tea Party 2.0 builds on our Tea Party 1.0 accomplishments.

Tea Party 1.0 reactively protested. Tea Party 2.0 proactively projects conservative governance.

Tea Party 1.0 rediscovered American Judeo-Christian Constitutionalism. Tea Party 2.0 reasserts American Exceptionalism guarded by Judeo-Christian Constitutionalism.

Tea Party 1.0 stopped endless spending. Tea Party 2.0 seeks reductions in government size, scope, and scale.

For the Northern Virginia Tea Party, Tea Party 2.0 began with joining the Virginia Tea Party Federation enabling broader, coordinated statewide action leading to conservative governance. Tea Party 2.0 means a new and improved website – coming in July.

Tea Party 2.0 means moving away from ad-hoc, unfunded governance and coordination, to a structured, funded operation enabling staying power in NVA, a highly expensive operational environment. Tea Party 2.0 means expanded program to broaden outreach and coordinate campaign volunteerism for political leaders sympathetic to Tea Party governance objectives of limited, low cost government.

Tea Party 2.0 for NVA means a focused, disciplined effort aimed at changing the VA Senate from a governing body hostile to Tea Party objectives to a legislative body adhering to American legislative norms and giving floor debate to Tea Party favored legislation. Tea Party 2.0 means we take power away from centralized, bureaucratic administrators and return that authority to parents through school choice initiatives and replacing local school boards with Tea Party candidates.

Tea Party 2.0 means we’re asking Tea Party members to participate in campaign volunteer training. Then, take that training and find candidates worthy of your support and volunteer – here’s to another Tea Party year.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heroes in NY-23 & Future Generals for 2012

UPDATE 11/11/09 -

So SP stepped up and established the battle lines for 2010-2016. It's General 'Eisenhower' Palin and the 9/12-Tea Partiers against the DC elite axis - Both Republican and Democrat.

Even though Hoffman lost the NY-23 race, Sarah's endorsement drew out the Republican DC Republican establishment and beat them soundly. How do you know? Look at their response. The NRSC has backed off medaling in primaries. The NRCC and the House leaders accepted Sarah's Facebook endorsement of their health care plan. You don't hear a lot beltway based 'Sarah is bad' stories.

Lefty, socialist media is struggling to say Sarah lost NY-23. Winning NY-23 with Hoffman certainly was a Sarah objective. In hindsight, I am not convinced Sarah's primary objective was electing Hoffman. The Republican establishment did its best to hide its mischief in NY-23 and failed to an important audience - the conservative base of America. A key component of Sarah's political viability lies in her ability to motivate the base and earn their trust. Paraphrasing the Whitehouse's great political icon Mau, "Elites fight your war and Sarah will fight hers."

The DC Republican establishment demonstrates a remarkable inability to understand and play power politics. I'm confident if they step out of line, there will be an incisive Facebook posting to set the Republican establishment straight. The Republican establishment needs Sarah. Sarah needs the infrastructure of the Republican Party. The Republican elites have a choice. My bet is a political entity will make a political decision for self preservation. How will you know? Listen for who in the Republican establishment uses Sara's catch phrase - "common sense."

As the NY-23 battle unfolded, Sarah marginalized Romney and Huckabee. She made Tim Pawlenty look like the follower. Newt destroyed himself completing his transition to beltway insider. All are Republican establishment members. She demonstrated her fund-raising capability and signaled to anyone listening that she's got her eye on 2012.


UPDATE 10/22/09 -

Looks like Palin's decided to be a Patton, or maybe a Bradley by sending money & leveraging Facebook to give Hoffman an endorsement. She risks a good bit of political capital on this race if it's not a sure thing for Hoffman. Hoffman raised $200k in one week with no party infrastructure. It is A LOT of money. It represents A LOT of support if it is from small donors. Maybe she knows something about this race a little bit ahead of everybody else.


Future political science students will be studying the early post Obama elections for generations. Our grandchildren will want to know from their study how Obama affected our politics. The first place to assess Obama’s political impact will be the 2009 state elections in VA and NJ and the two special congressional elections in CA and NY.

Of these elections, NY-23 will cause the most head scratching by our grandchildren. There’s a simple reason. Our political elites took an easy win and turned it into a Democrat, liberal give away to the statists now running America’s government. The Republicans nominated a liberal ACORN sponsored candidate to a safe conservative district. How could the brilliant political elites nominate an ACORN favored, union loving Democrat to a center right Republican conservative district as the REPUBLICAN candidate?? Did they miss the town hall meetings? Did they miss 9/12 in Washington DC??

Once the shock of the elitist decision wore off, conservatives now see a true hero step up – Doug Hoffman. With little political experience, no budget, and no party support, Doug Hoffman signed on as the Conservative alternative to the elite Republican choice. Thanks to New York’s peculiar party affiliation rules and multi-party system, Doug Hoffman could, and has taken advantage of an opening.

Right now, Conservatives rally to support Hoffman as elite Republicans rally to make their bad decision right. Newt Gingrich, a once great conservative leader and hero to conservatives, threw away his leadership mantle by supporting the ACORN candidate. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) invested its reputation and precious dollars into this race. Both Newt, and the NRCC battle for the Corrupt Washington establishment.

Dick Armey, Chairman of FreedomWorks, Tea Party ‘Grand Marshall,’ and former congressional majority leader rushes now to support Hoffman. Armey is supported by grass roots conservatives, Tea Partiers, and the Club for Growth. NY-23 is a battle. NY-23 is conservative vs. liberal. NY-23 is fossilized, entrenched power vs. a popular conservative uprising.

The question many political activists have been asking is “Where’s Sarah Palin?” Many believe that an appearance by Sarah would push Hoffman into the lead. In this district, she could. This district would add a conservative vote to congress. If Sarah did go to NY-23 conservatives could handily win the NY-23 battle. Then, we would be further from our goal of a smaller federal government regulated by the 10th amendment. How so? The answer can be understood when answering the question, “Where’s Sarah?”

Sarah will do to the DC elite political class what she did to the Alaska elite political class. She’s planning a wider, bigger effort than the tit-for-tat politics of Dems-in-Dems-out-Repubs-in politics we’ve practiced for the last 30 years. Those politics opened us to a radical restructuring of our nation’s government and its relationship to We the People.

In Alaska, Sarah upended the political establishment herself. The Alaska elites were small in number. One bold leader, one heroine could reform a corrupt state government. Fixing DC presents a different problem, requires a different strategic approach, and requires Palin tactics applied differently than in Alaska.

Others have discussed Sarah's resigning as strategy and tactics. For lesser politicians - it's suicide to resign. For Sarah - it gives hope that we can trust her with Power. It was our founding fathers' trust in Washington's use of power enabling them to trust our young nation with a powerful chief executive - the President. Trust is a highly valuable political coin. Rarity increases its value.

The DC political class is much larger than Alaska. It is better organized. It knows s Sarah’s planning something. It saw the tea parties - they know how many showed in DC on 9/12. The political class is made up of Republicans and Democrats. It controls over 40% of the economy. It’s often lost in discussion but our economy is appx $14 Trillion. The next 3 economies COMBINED, don’t equal the US economy even in its weakened condition. 40% of $14 Trillion is A LOT of money and power. Do you think those who have that power will relinquish it as Washington did at the beginning of our country? FDR did not relinquish power; he died grasping it. Today’s political elites will not relinquish their power without not just a battle, but a war.

In WWII, US military planners wanted to hit Germany hard in Europe. Churchill counseled against it. Churchill noted US forces were not as strong as US leaders thought and the Germans were not as soft as US generals thought. Churchill recommended North Africa for a reason. It was untested troops battling tested troops in a relatively unimportant strategic setting. Churchill bloodied the US Army BEFORE they had to take on a fortified Europe held by battle hardened troops.

NY-23 is the equivalent of North Africa for the conservative movement. The Washington DC GOP and NY GOP may be corrupt, but they are not intellectually stupid. The Dems might win NY-23 for a year, but in 2010 the elite GOP will likely win it back. Either way, the political elites retain control.

In North Africa, George Patton stormed in and defeated the Germans driving them from the continent back to their fortress Europe. Patton is unquestionably one of America’s finest fighting generals. His success on the battlefield did not translate to success off the battlefield. Off the battlefield, Patton caused strife amongst allies and within the ranks of the Army. It took Eisenhower to maintain the team, storm Europe on D-Day and deploy Patton.

Sarah's watching the NY-23 battlefield as any shrewd general preparing for D-Day (E-Day?) 2012 would. Sarah is likely using NY-23 to gage the strength of her future conservative Army.

She's not going to risk political credibility in NY-23 until she determines the true strength of the conservative team and its leaders battling the elites. If the team is really strong - Sarah is not needed. If Sarah is needed to win NY-23, then she has to be Patton, forsaking Eisenhower. Good for NY-23, bad for USA.

Washington won with a team - a team that included the French. Only a hardened, battle tested team can defeat the big government fortress constructed by our political elites. Sarah needs to find tens of Pattons, not be a Patton. What better way to find Pattons than let Pattons and other winners win the battles they should?

Sarah cannot be Patton. She needs to become Washington and Eisenhower.

We're the conservative, self-reliant free people. We're the ones who need to win NY-23, CA, NJ, and VA. We’re the ones who have to SHOW what free people do when threatened. I and many other folks - many who showed up in DC on 9/12- have had it with our Washington elites. Defeating and shrinking the DC Big Government is THE strategic objective. Putting the Federal government back into the confines of the 10th amendment is our mechanism to achieve the goal.

Which is the better army in 2012 - the one embodied by serfs we see in Detroit, Chicago, and other cities, or one with free citizens led by self-reliant Pattons like we saw in DC on 9/12? If you say citizens - then make it so. I have donated to Hoffman in NY-23, have you? I am volunteering in Northern VA - we have a battle here for the conservative movement. It looks good now and McDonnell will likely win. He needs to win big and drag as many conservatives across the VA House of Delegates line as he can - we need a blowout

President Obama and DC elites have made a strategic decision. They are pushing through a radical restructuring of our economy now. They are dropping Big Government incrementalism that has gone before. They’re betting we'll never re-trench. During the next 10-15 years the Marxist job will be completed by the courts. Dear Leader will come back – possibly to lead - he's young enough. How's that for a nightmare?

****WE**** need to be the Pattons. We need to run through liberalism like crap through a goose. We'll find our leaders in victory.

If Sarah is doing what I hope she's doing, we don't help her by being no better than OBOTS, pining away for our leader/savior. We need to be free citizens and our own Pattons. Our grandchildren should read about a victory for liberty in their Polysci classes. We’re the ones who need to win for grandchildren. And dare I say it, “Win one for the Gipper!” Time to work.